aquila | 2001
aquila | 2001

New Mexico Art in Public Places Program
Belen Park, Belen, New Mexico

Paula Castillo, like amazing sculptors for centuries, lets stone speak.

Her art resides in this sensitivity which she shares with Noguchi and practitioners of Zen rock gardening: And her art resides as importantly in her amazing ability to amplify, to add weight to, a simple subtle set of relationships, to create the right hum between air and earth, between light and weight, between horizon, sky and rock.

The interaction with the site is minimally intrusive, but crucially transformative. “Aquila” takes its design from the Eagle Constellation said to lead all souls to the salvation of immortality, (the hum between stone and the stars). Arranging rocks is heaven. Raising rocks to heaven, drawing with volume in space, stating the obvious so clearly and sincerely (ala Eva Hesse or Brancusi) Castillo allows the intense depth of the mystery we call the universe, we call life, to become tangible, almost visible. Castillo has created a massive sacred space in “Aquila” without bombast or agenda. She simply did it.”

–Jon Carver for THE Magazine, Santa Fe, New Mexico