my home over there, now i remember it | 2009

My goal for the New Mexico History Museum was simply to offer work that sensitized the viewer for the experience inside the museum.

The entrance to the museum was the perfect vehicle to offer the setting to the epic story of New Mexico. In a classic epic, the setting typically includes an image of the universe and here that universe truly is the environment of New Mexico: the river, the mountains, and the forests. This is home.

The pieces reference the landscape, and they hopefully offer a simple yet profound way to understand the connection between the natural world in New Mexico and our story.

I wanted the work to highlight the unknown logic of belonging in New Mexico…a sense of belonging that is not bound to a specific spot on the map, but to a system of movement. New Mexico has in many ways always been about movement…she still is: never inert or ‘fixed’…always richly complicated.