My Home Over There | 2009

In 2009, the New Mexico History Museum commissioned four permanent public pieces for the entrance to the museum along Lincoln Avenue and adjacent to the Palace of the Governors in downtown Santa Fe, New Mexico. Situated across the street from the New Mexico Fine Art Museum, the New Mexico History Museum is a statewide educational resource, local landmark, and destination for anyone who wants to understand the diverse experiences of the people of New Mexico, the dynamics that have shaped our state, and the relationships that connect our region with the rest of the world.

My goal for the New Mexico History Museum was to offer work that sensitized the viewer for the experience inside the museum.

The entrance to the museum was the perfect vehicle to offer the setting to the epic story of New Mexico. In a classic epic, the setting typically includes an image of the universe, and here that universe truly is the environment of New Mexico: the river, the mountains, and the forests.

The four pieces, Rio Grande Colcha, Dos Hermanas/Dos Árboles, Barco y Sierra, and My Home Over There, reference the landscape and offer a simple yet profound way to understand the connection between the natural world in New Mexico and New Mexico’s story.