Paula Castillo
Paula Castillo 2023 | © PHOTO: Don Usner


My art practice is an effort to insert my participation into existing circuits with the special intention of highlighting our vulnerability, our nearness, and our ability to translate and thus, act in the world. My work permits me to participate small and exposed pieces of empathetic and distorted movement. Ultimately, the final goal for all of my artwork is to expose our real, dense and buried attachments to ‘other’.

“A Latina artist, Castillo attended Yale University for two years after high school and then dropped out to work in an electronics factory where she began to forge her early career in contemporary art. Castillo’s interest is in translating how the intermingling of tradition, colonialism, modernity, American socioeconomics and the increasingly postmodern circumstances of technology saturate and transform the landscape. She utilizes both the literal and symbolic aspects of home places to experiment with ideas related to the broader American Southwest to create allegorical narratives that highlight causes and solutions and reveal the strangeness of the world. An acclaimed contemporary artist, she has produced a range of work from Avant Garde anonymous interventions to large-scale public work and has exhibited her work nationally and internationally.” — Santa Fe Art Institute