Reverse the Curse, Roberto Tithing to the Rio Grande, 2022, by Paula Castillo, photo courtesy of Don Usner.

SFAI Changing Climate Residency

During her SFAI Residency, Castillo developed six cinemagraphs that reperform the community-based performance art piece “Reverse the Curse.” This project is curated into the “Going With the Flow” curated by Brandee Caoba and Lucy Lippard for SITE Santa Fe opening in April, 2023.

Additionally, Castillo spent time working with young people living along the Middle Rio Grande Corridor to develop two projects related to the Rio Grande. The first is a collaborative art show titled “Bird’s Eye View” that examines how human sensory limitations prevent us from experiencing the environment in full. This exhibit is hosted by the Belen Public Library in Belen, NM.

Castillo also engaged young people in conversations and visual expressions about the river’s right to good health in the larger conversation about the Rio Grande’s long-term human water security.