Through the Flower Art Space, Belen, NM

Through the Flower Art Space in Belén, New Mexico

Through the Flower Art Space in Belen, New Mexico. 


WOMAN SUPPORTING WOMEN: Belén artist Paula Castillo, and Belén artist Judy Chicago

There was considerable local pushback when plans for a Judy Chicago Museum (Through the Flower Art Space) were announced (read full NY Times article below). Paula Castillo, who was born and raised in Belen, had not yet met Ms. Chicago, but came to her defense in public forums and in private meetings with her neighbors. In addition, Castillo donated a sculpture to the new art space, entitled, “V is for Victory.”

“V is for Victory,” donated to Through the Flower Art Space

Many others also contributed and supported the project. It all worked. After a year of planning and fundraising, Judy Chicago’s Through the Flower Art Space is ready for the public. Judy and the town of Belen hope the new attraction will bring visitors and new business to the area, and a more positive reputation. They say it’s the first step in Belen’s vibrant new arts district.

“We hope that Through the Flower Art Space will begin to repair the relationship between art and community because art is about inspiration, education, and empowerment and not about money,” artist Judy Chicago said.

Bravo Judy!